Monday, May 08, 2006

Bring the Zoo to You!

My kids want to go to the zoo
but the sky is full of gloom
Oh, what are we to do?
The zoo can come to you!
In this webcam age,
see monkies in their cage
or a
swamp and a gator.
See them now, not later!
Watch an eagle soar
and view hatchlings in her nest
elephants dancing
or a
polar bear take a rest.
So bring the zoo to you
a computer's all you need.
Type what animal to see
you'll have fun indeed!

A fellow mom at my kids' daycare told me to check out a website about eagles. The site has a webcam allowing you to view newly hatched eagles.
She did a search on google- type live animals + webcam
You'll find numerous sites from zoos, aquariums & wildlife preserves.
I found several links on this webcam locator site.
My daughter really enjoyed it!


Lord Alistair Kilwhillie said...

I visited a webcame site once...I was utterly shocked and amazed to find that it peered into some womans bedroom in Amsterdam. I was even more shocked and amazed when I received a bill some weeks later for nearly 400 pounds Sterling!!! Apparently they charged nearly 4 pounds per minute of viewing time!
Bloody highway robbery!

Kelley said...

You poor dear! I hope you learned a lesson...a valuable one no doubt.

The sites I wrote of are free-though I don't think they could be described as "shocking."