Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day in the real world

So I can't say my Mother's Day was completely relaxing or a day dedicated solely to me...well, those words don't describe motherhood either! And I quite enjoyed my crazy Mother's Day with my family.
The kids woke up earlier than usual- ending my dreams of sleeping in until nine. But, they were well behaved and allowed me to enjoy two cups of coffee while reading my Women's Health magazine in peace.
My husband gave me the Mother's Day gift set from Philosophy! I was so excited and very impressed. My husband had been paying attention when I mentioned how much I loved the Philosophy beauty products.
My husband had to work this weekend, but luckily the call time for his shoot was late on Sunday. We decided to take advantage of brunch time and went out to eat. Not wanting to fight Mother's Day crowds, we opted for a favorite, low-key Indian place-sadly it was not open on Sundays. My hubby mentioned Philly cheese steak- which I'd been craving for about 2 weeks now. I called the free 411 info line to get the location of South Street Philly. The computer prompter repeated the number back so fast I couldn't write it down in time (free 411 doesn't connect you automatically to a phone number). I called back twice and the service informed me they couldn't locate the business phone number. Unlike the 411 info service you pay $1.25 for, free 411 just hangs up on you if they can't find your request. All we were eating was the small window of time my husband had before having to go to work. I called regular 411 and we made it to the restaurant. $1.25 well spent!
We were the first customers in the place and the Philly cheese steak and beer really hit the spot! Mother's Day brunch doesn't always have to be about quiche and mimosas! During the meal, my daughter asked to go "peepee." I took her to the restroom. She didn't sit back far enough on the toilet and created a pee waterfall and thus soaked her little panties. I wrapped her undies in some paper towels and stuffed them in the diaper bag when we returned to the table. My daughter really wanted her underwear back on and insisted she could dry them. She retrieved the wet undies and wrung them with the paper towels. She then quietly proceeded to hang them on a near by door knob to air dry. I was busy chowing down on my cheese steak and didn't notice the hanging panties until my daughter pointed them out to me. I was so relieved the place was not yet crowded!
When we were leaving, my son was running around the empty parking lot under my husband's supervision. My daughter ran over to her brother to "help" him to our car. Right after my husband told our daughter, "He's okay, don't help him," she pushed her brother towards the direction of the car. He fell face first into the hot asphalt and busted his lip. As my husband disciplined our daughter, I consoled our son. His little top lip swelled in the center to a knot the size of a dime. I used the ice from my daughter's lemonade to soothe the pain. My husband drove us back home. He and I held hands and exchanged quiet, defeated laughter while both kids screamed and cried the entire drive. Once we returned home, I gave our son Children's Motrin and a popsicle. My husband then got his stuff together for work and I started the laundry. Before he left, my hubby kissed me lovingly good bye. My daughter wrinkled her nose at our affection and deemed it "ew, gross." Later the kids played in the backyard and I called my mom, mom-in-law and sister. I had nice conversations with all. Then, after several attempts, I finally got the kids down for a nap. I finished the laundry and took a much needed, albeit short, bath with my new Mother's Day bubble bath gift! For dinner, I made spaghetti with homemade sauce and turkey meatballs. Delicioso! What a wonderful Mother's Day!


Fightin' Mad Mary said...

Isn't it great when your man pays attention to you? gotta love the gift set from Philosophy!
I never knew about the free 411 info line - I'll check it out with a pen a paper ready.

Kelley said...

Yes, it is great:-)

Definitely have pen & paper ready with free 411-if you're prepared it's actually a great service. I think Jon spent $30 last month on directory assisted calls! That's 3 reg size diapers packages on sale at Ralphs!!

TL said...

YAY Jon! I'm happy you guys got to spend some time on Mother's day together - all ya'll - as one big happy busted lip family.

Sorry that Big A's not having any luck "not" injuring his face - pobrecito :(