Tuesday, April 04, 2006


-When my daughter sings the ABC's, I praise her for doing such a good job.
-When my son makes music with his drum, I smile and tell him what a good drummer he is.
-When my daughter points to an object and says the Spanish name of the object, I tell her how smart she is and that I'm so proud of her.
-When I ask my son to get the "ball" and he picks up the ball and not the block, I clap and say he's right-way to go!

These are just a few examples of opportunities to praise your child for a job well done-no matter how small that job may be. But, don't wait for only obvious moments to acknowledge your child's good behavior or talents-ALWAYS ACCENTUATE THE POSITIVE IN YOUR CHILD.

I make sure to thank my daughter for behaving so well at the grocery store or restaurant and tell her how much I enjoyed her company. I let her know how much I appreciate her listening to me whether it was putting her toys away or simply getting ready for bed. My daughter enjoys coloring and I try to tell her each time how much I love her artwork. Here are some more examples of times I try and accentuate the positive and let my kids know they're doing a great job in everything they do:

-When my kids share a toy or snack (especially without being asked). "That's such good sharing!"
-When my kids want to snuggle with me.
"Oh, I love snuggles-this is the best."
-When my kids listen (especially when it's the first time I've said something-no hassles) "Mommy, loves it when you listen. Thank you!"
-When my kids laugh.
"I love to hear you laugh. That's my favorite sound."
-When my daughter helps her brother.
"You're such a good big sister. Aedan appreciates your help."
When my daughter uses her good manners.
"Thank you for being so polite and using your good manners."

I could list hundreds of examples to accentuate the positive in my children. When I tell my daughter how much I love her laugh-she laughs more. When I clap and tell my son what a good dancer he is-he dances more. The same goes for all behaviors-listening, good manners, learning, sharing, etc. These behaviors can happen more often with more praise. I believe in the power of positive reinforcement. I find that my kids' behavior is pleasant more of the time because I make sure to appreciate them, praise them and thank them.

"Oh, listen to me children and-a you will hear
About the elininatin' of the negative
And the accent on the positive
And gather 'round me children if you're willin'
And sit tight while I start reviewin'
The attitude of doin' right
You've gotta accentuate the positive
Eliminate the negative
Latch on to the affirmative
Don't mess with Mister In-Between
You've got to spread joy up to the maximum
Bring gloom down to the minimum
Otherwise pandemonium
Liable to walk upon the scene"

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TL said...

I love this post! From being around you and the kids, I'm finding I'm absorbing the same attidute. I do have to work at making it a regular habit though. I give positive feedback to my co-workers, thank friends and family members and even compliment strangers. It does help that I'm a bit of an extrovert as I can imagine it's a mite easier to approach a cute kid :)