Monday, April 17, 2006

It's a MADTV world with kids...

For several seasons, I've watched Michael McDonald of MadTV play Stuart. I thought I found the character so funny because the young, innocent Stuart is portrayed by a grown man. But, I've discovered while raising my daughter, she and other kids are a lot like Stuart.
Our lives can often feel like a MadTV Stuart skit.

My daughter is honest and speaks her mind-I have to be very careful of what I say around her-or I might hear her utter "shit" the next time she spills something.

She, like many kids, views the world quite differently than adults. My daughter is facinated by snails. At first, it was because they crunched under her shoe when she stepped on them. "Hear that, Mommy?" Telling her not to do that didn't work, so I turned to Sponge Bob. I told my daughter to think of the snails as Sponge Bob's pet Gary. She's stopped stomping the snails, but now my daughter brings them in the house as pets. And she thinks their slime is drool like her little brother's.
My daughter singing "Rock-a-bye" to the snails

Kid's also see or hear things in a different context. I once tried to explain gas to my daughter. Last week she told me her "bum did a burp like her mouth."

Currently my daughter is in the "Stuart" phase. She's constantly saying, "Look what I can do," or "Look at me," or "Look at this."
She's even said, "Look what I can do," while leaping into the air a la Stuart. It just cracks me up!


Cory said...

How cute is she? I would use the word "bum" too if I had kids.

Kelley said...

Yah, I just love the word "bum."
It's easy to say and sounds darn cute.

willam said...

oh my gosh. the 3.5 year old girl next door to me asks me to peek through the fence and always says "hello is anyone over there?" i think i was still eating makeup @ 4. But she's fascinated with snails too. I think it's terribly unfeminine. lol