Friday, April 07, 2006

Oscar is enticing kids to the trash...

Toddlers gravitate to trash cans. I swear they omit some sound wave only toddlers can hear. Does it have anything to do with Oscar the Grouch? "I love trash, anything dirty..."

My daughter often got into trash cans in the bathrooms and kitchen. My son now too. I used to line my bathroom trash cans with grocery sacks, but since the kids get into them it's too dangerous. Trash cans with lids or pedal-style cans are the best bet for both bathroom and kitchen. Although, keep in mind that kids learn quickly and lids and pedals don't detour for long. In addition, Velcro straps are available for securing trash can lids-again it's only a temporary fix as kids will figure the straps out.

I suggest keeping bathroom doors closed only if you're not potty training or your child can open a door on their own. Or if it's possible, keep a small bathroom trash can in a cabinet or linen closet. Same goes for the kitchen garbage can, keep it in a cabinet or pantry if possible.

If you value anything in your home, keep trash cans away from toddlers. My daughter used to throw away her toys. She thought she was "cleaning up." I'm currently missing my favorite eyeliner and I have a sneaky suspision my son threw it away. Kids see you put stuff in garbage cans and they copy you. They have no comprehension that what they've dropped in the trash will - never - be - seen - again.

Just last night, my husband called his misplaced-cell phone.

The garbage can was ringing.

"Hello, this is Oscar..."


Fightin' Mad Mary said...

I would have never thought of that...but it makes perfect sense. Maybe it has something to do with the size of the trash cans making it an easy reach.
Dawson does love to help throw things away at my house too...she puts all her wieght on the foot pedal and watches the top lift up...quite entertaining!

Kelley said...

Yes, who knew trash could be so fun!

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(What you say when you find your favorite shoe in the trash)