Monday, April 10, 2006

Breaker, Breaker

A few days ago, I was weeding through the junk mail while my husband was typing on his computer. My son was crying and tugging at my pant leg. My husband asked, "Did you hear that?" "Hear what," I said. All I heard was Aedan crying. Apparently, a breaker blew and the electricity in the kitchen and dining area went out. I went down stairs to flip the breaker. It wouldn't stay on. I tried a few more time before I heard my husband shouting to "stop!" When I returned upstairs, I could smell smoke. My husband told me he heard loud pops inside the wall. "Doesn't sound good," so I called our landlord. He was in Vegas, but would call an electrician to come out and take a look at the place. I made it seem as if the building would burn down-well, it did smell like it might. With in an hour, an electrician was in our apartment. He had his assistant flip the breaker downstairs as we all stood around the dining area. The POP startled me and made me jump. The electrician called down to his buddy to stop. Then, the electrician unplugged a power strip that was behind our snake's cage. He informed us one of the outlets was bad. That's it? Don't we feel silly. Why didn't we just look over there? Hind sight...

Well, after the electrician left. My husband picked up the power strip to throw it away. Water poured out of the thing. We couldn't believe it and wondered how in hell did water get in there? Did we have a leak? I moved the snake cage from the wall and found an old, moldy sippy cup. We had a leak alright-FRUIT JUICE!
The sippy cup had been laying right on top of the power strip. For how long-we do not know? We're just glad we had a really smart breaker!

(If you thought sippy cups weren't supposed to leak- Just remember that after several washings in dishwashers, sippy cups loose their suction. If you wash them in the dishwasher-don't use the heat cycle to dry them)

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Micah said...

ANOTHER great example of what people don't tell you.