Thursday, April 20, 2006

Currently on the Suave (beauty products) website, you're asked to sign the following pledge:

Today, I will say yes to "mommy you look pretty today."
I will say yes to my curls, my highlights, my bangs, my shoulders, knees and toes.
Yes to a vanilla-scented shower.
Yes to wearing sexy two-seater hair to drive carpool. (I don't get this one?)
Yes to the fact that I’m a woman as well as a mom.
And I will say no to feeling one ounce of guilt.
Today, I pledge to say yes to myself and my own beauty.

Okay, so maybe Suave is just trying to make some extra bucks by appealing to moms, but it's still a good message. We as moms must take time out for ourselves as well as feel good about ourselves. One of the best things I've ever done for myselfesteem was participate in a make-over show. I forgot to take care of myself and turned into a frumpy mom who was not very happy with her appearance. After the transformation, I told the talented crew who helped me find myself again that I didn't think "I was hopeless, I just felt helpless."
We're not helpless. Since the make-over, I've taken better care of myself. I indulge in long, luxiurious bubble baths. Buy myself some cool eyeshadow and those shoes I've had my eyes on. I ditched the overalls and sweats. I got a hair style I like and that is easy to maintain as a mom. It may seem like superficial stuff, but, for me, feeling attractive again made me feel better on the inside too.

If you're looking for a great way to pamper yourself, indulge in the little things-they'll add up and make you feel like a beautiful mama.
And sign up for a head-to-toe mommy make-over. The sweepstakes starts Friday, April 21st, 2006 and is sponsored by Suave and includes style experts from TLC's What Not To Wear.

Click here to read more & enter.


Cory said...

That sounds great, but I would die if they wanted to televise that horrible mirror room like on What Not to Wear.

TL said...

Dogg - you were such a trooper for FMM's make-over show. That was wild! I know it's not easy for Mom's (and sometimes non-Mom's) to look like a million bucks everyday. But even just knowing it's in you is so empowering. It's like secretly wearing a pair of kinky underwear!