Thursday, November 10, 2005

Gently Used

I see absolutely nothing wrong with hand-me-downs and gently-used items. It's hard enough balancing a budget while living in Los Angeles with two children. I am so lucky to have a sister with older children. I have never had to buy my daughter or my son clothes. My 3-year-old daughter wears the hand-me-downs from her 4 and 5-year old cousins and my son receives the clothes my nephew has out-grown. My daughter still enjoys the best of both new and old-her Mimi (who only had boys) just loves to buy my daughter the most precious little girl outfits.
Also, I don't understand the necessity to buy brand new toys, especially larger items, if I can find a good-as-new bargain. Plus, my kids are too young to understand the difference between brand new and used. Though as they get older and wiser, I hope that I teach them to appreciate a gift no matter its origin. Recently, I purchased a small, play kitchen from a thrift store. It includes a little microwave, stove, fridge and sink. The kitchen was clean and in good shape except the faucet was missing and a drawer door. It only cost $3.00! What a deal! I made some simple fixes and the kids enjoy it for hours.
I do shop for "new" bargains too. I hit the sales and discount stores to purchase new toys at used-toys prices. For birthdays or holidays, I usually buy a mix of old and new.

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