Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Teething Tip

The baby safe feeder is essential during teething. It's part teether, part feeder and the ingenious design makes any food safe for baby. My son loves to chomp on frozen fruit to soothe his swollen gums. This mesh pacifier does the trick. I fill the mesh bag with frozen mango or strawberries. It's a lot less messy and I don't have to worry about a choking hazard.

Product Description from Amazon.com:
"The Baby Safe Feeder is an innovative way to aid teething and get your infant to make the transition from drinking to chewing small pieces of food. It features an easy-to-hold teether attached to a reusable mesh food bag. Simply unscrew top, fill the bag with your baby's favorite soft foods, and screw securely back together. Your baby is now free to teethe while learning to chew (through the mesh). The feeder is top-rack dishwasher safe, or can be hand washed in warm, soapy water. Use only with Baby Safe Feeder replacement bags."


Fightin' Mad Mary said...

That is amazing - I'd eat a frozen banana out of that thing.

Kelley said...

I hope it's chocolate covered!