Wednesday, November 16, 2005

No More Second-Guessing

Because I started weaning my son about a month ago, my milk ducts are getting clogged. My breasts have been quite sore and tender. I researched some home remedies on the internet. Along with reading about warm-compresses and cabbage leaves, I came across the term "nursing strike." I had never heard of such a thing? I pictured my son crawling around with a picket sign-"No More Garlic, Mommy." The article I read stated that as our hormones change or our child is teething, a nursing strike is common and doesn't necessarily mean that the child is done breastfeeding. Immediately, I started to feel guilty. Had I started weaning my son too soon? He didn't seem to want to nurse anymore and therefore I wasn't producing enough. Was he just on "strike?"
Then, I realized I was second-guessing myself-again. We mother's often do this. And we shouldn't. I had read the signs and felt weaning my son was right and at the right time. I can't beat myself up with "what-ifs." My son was nursed for almost 10 months-a bit shy of my year goal. My son showed great interest in eating finger foods-he even gets angry if I don't share whatever I'm eating with him. He still gets plenty of snuggly-close contact when he drinks from his bottle. He's happy and content-no need to second-guess...

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Devra said...

A parents gut is an excellent gauge! Aviva and I have a website that underscores this approach, where we blog about empowering and encouraging parents to enjoy the experience. It may not always be fun,but it can be enjoyable! ;) Please come see us and ask us some questions, we love questions!