Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Baby Brain

Have you ever heard the term "baby brain?" Yah, I didn't hear about it until the start of my second trimester while pregnant with my first-born. My sister asked me if I was experiencing baby brain yet? I replied, "What the hell is that???" She informed me that at some point during the pregnancy your brain basically turns to mush. You forget the most simple things including your own name and become a total clutz. I laughed, "that's ridiculous." I just assumed my sister was too busy with her two kids to keep track of everything anymore. I was so wrong. Within a week of my sister's warning, I became Chrissy Snow. I was a total clutz. Apparently, baby brain affects your balance and depth perception. I walked into doorways, tripped over my own feet and backed into several objects with my car.
I forgot the names of my neighbors, and even most of my coworkers. These were people I saw on a daily basis. When people asked me questions like my age, my birthday, my social security number...I didn't have a clue. I just stared blankly into space hoping the answers would magically appear before me.

On three occasions, I wore my fluzzy slippers to work-just forgot they were still on my feet. Several times, I missed the due dates of monthly bills. I once went to the grocery store in my PJ's and tennis shoes-not so bad except that the PJ's were velveteen & blue with day-glow yellow stars all over them. A few times, I'd run the shower and forget I was going to take one. Later I'd return to the bathroom and wonder how long I'd let the water run? On any day, it's difficult to find your car among the sea of automobiles in large parking lots or garages. It's impossible when you're suffering from baby brain-even at the local mini-market. And traces of baby brain must stay in your system well after the birth. I still have relapses...

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