Saturday, July 09, 2005

Happy Happy Birthdays

Young kids' Birthdays should always be SIMPLE. I attended the 1st Birthday of my friend's daughter over the weekend. A park, a clown-for-an-hour, some finger foods & cake. PERFECT! No need for a list of games or activities or fancy catering. LESS IS MORE. I threw a Butterfly Fiesta for my daughter's 3rd Birthday. I rented a moon bouncer and had a piƱata. The kids had a blast. (I went a little overboard with the fiesta-themed food, but I love to cook) Remember to plan your parties around nap time too. Most parties I've been to start around 11am and end at 2pm or 3pm or whenever-the-kid-starts-acting-up-and-needs-to-get-home-and-take-a-nap-right-this-minute-little-lady. Other parties start after nap time around 3pm. Another great tip is to tape a gift receipt to your gift because you're not the only one that thought the cool, multi-colored flash light was a perfect gift. Also, write your name on the present not just the card attached to the present. My daughter ripped several cards off of her gifts and I actually had to call some parents and ask them what they got her so we could properly thank them-very embarrassing.


Micah said...

name on the gift is genius. simply genius.

Anonymous said...

LESS is MORE...the perfect mantra, remember when we used to play with cardboard boxes as kids?