Monday, July 25, 2005

Things change...

I'm not talking about how convenience stores are no longer a convenience when you have kids or changes to your figure...other things change...
After the birth of my first child, my hair turned from dirty-blonde
to dark, dark brown.
After the birth of my second child, my feet grew from a size 8 to a size 8 1/2-I already had a steady base at only 5 feet-nothin'. At least, I got to buy new shoes! My cousin tells me her nose grew wider. My best friend wrote me that "the hair on (her) head is getting thinner while the hair in other places is getting thicker."
I find it rather odd, but I guess all the hormone fluctuations really change things...though not all the changes are bad. My sense of smell and hearing are much more acute. I once read that a mother's sense of smell improves and that some group did a test. Scientists had several babies wearing same size & color onsies. Later, the onsies were placed in a pile. The mother's were to find their babies' outfit only using their nose. All the mom's were able to distinguish which onsie belonged to their child. Wow, I'll know my kids' clothes, now where's my blonde hair?

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