Tuesday, July 12, 2005


I asked my cousin to make me a t-shirt that read "I GOT MILK" when I was breastfeeding my first-born.
I wear it proudly again for breastfeeding my second child. I get mixed reactions-some chuckles, some sneers, some I-don't-get-it tilted-heads of confusion and some disgust. I work at Playboy, so must of the disgust comes from the male employees. They don't like to think of boobs as baby food. I commend you if you're breastfeeding-especially if you work away from home and have to pump. I have to thank my friend, Anutza, for loaning me her electric breast pump. I have to pump every two hours at work and the electric pump makes it possible. Two at a time!!! Let's forget I look like a cow hooked up to some kinda milking machine--I never knew my boobs could take on the shape of a test tube? The manual pump (even a good one) just takes so much longer and was more painful for me. If you don't have an electric pump, beg, borrow or invest in one (check out used ones for sale on-line).
BTW-You're place of employment HAS to give you a private lactation room with comfortable seating-it's the law. It's funny how serious and accommodating the Playboy security guards act when I need the "L" room opened up in the mornings. For a few minutes, I feel like an Executive.
If you're not breastfeeding for valid reasons, don't feel guilty. My mom tried, but was unable to produce enough milk-I on the other hand could feed quintuplets. Breastfeeding is one of the most special bonds you can ever share and it's a hell of a lot cheaper than baby formula!
If you'd like an I GOT MILK t-shirt email me at keldog73@excite.com or leave a comment here

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let's see a photo of the t-shirt! more photos please!
anonymous mary